U-Verse $50 Reward Cards!

AT&T U-Verse is offering $50 reward card for online orders. Are you ready to experience digital TV, high-speed internet connection, and digital home phone? AT&T U-Verse uses fiber optic technology and computer networking to bring all the things you want together as a fully integrated experience. Check out ATT U-verse deals and get up to $300 in reward cards on qualifying U-verse TV Bundles.

TV + Internet + Voice $89/mo for 24 mos w/ 1-yr term
Plus $50 reward card and TV activation fee waived for online orders.

TV + Internet $59/mo for 12 mos w/term
Plus $50 reward card and TV activation fee waived for online orders.

AT&T U-verse TV
Professional installation included. 30-day money-back guarantee. TV activation fee waived for online orders.

6 thoughts on “U-Verse $50 Reward Cards!

  1. Brad

    ATT Uverse is wonderful! The package I have with Uverse offers 500 channels with DVR functions. I can actually record up to 4 programs at once and can start recording in one room and finish in another. I’ve been fortunate and haven’t had to call customer service as I really haven’t had any problems. If you’re thinking about getting Uverse I strongly encourage you to do so. You have nothing to lose really. There are no contracts and you have a 30 day money back guarantee. Enjoy everybody!

  2. Richie

    OK, it’s been over a month since we switched from Comcast and had U-Verse installed. AT&T U-Verse is great. Everything works the way it did on the first day and the picture and features described are great. The whole-house DVR is incredible. The only problem I experienced with is a frozen box and I had to power off and on the U-Verse TV box. Very rare and takes just a few seconds to resolve. Overall, I’m happy with U-Verse and thankful we made the switch from Comcast.

  3. PaulD

    Awsome deal on ATT Uverse has decent phone quality and very good TV. I recommend Uverse because it has the best picture, most channels, best features at best price. Nobody else has the features Uverse has at the price Uverse has.

  4. Emilio

    AT&T’s U-Verse Service is a solid winner in my book and well worth the costs. I am longer willing to put up with Dish Network, we recently had AT&T U-Verse installed and opted for the HD digital cable service and broadband Internet and so far so good, crossing fingers, the results are fantastic!

  5. Neil

    I don’t know how I watched TV before we got ATT U-Verse. I’ll admit that in the first months we had it, the quality of the TV service was not the best. However, we no longer have any of the problems we had at first and the picture is now exceptional. The DVR capabilities are also incredible, this is the feature I didnt know I wanted, but now can’t live without. Great job AT&T.

  6. Sandy

    We have AT&T Uverse TV and are really enjoying it. They have bundles that really help cut down your cost. Their DVR is great and you can record four shows at a time. When you pause what you are watching you can pick it up on another TV. The AT&T technicians that have come out are clean and very polite and helpful.