eHarmony Promotion – Free Communication Weekend 2014

Sign up with eharmony 20% off promotional code for reduced subscriptions online. Get free weekend and free trial with coupon codes 2014. eHarmony is one of the most popular online dating sites that matches men and women to other singles using a scientifically proven matching process. It is designed to help you meet highly compatible singles you can fall in love with. You can be confident that you will meet highly compatible singles. eHarmony is the place to find love and relationship that are meaningful for both new and returning members.

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eHarmony FREE Communication Weekend!
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More on eHarmony: was founded by a well known relationships experts, best-selling author and clinical psychologist, Dr. Neil Clark Warren. To date, has helped thousands of members and created matches that have resulted in meaningful relationships that are going strong. eHarmony is much more expensive than other online dating services. For those who are looking to test out their system or see what eHarmony is all about, it’s not be ideal to commit to their 3-6 month subscription services right away.

If you go to eHarmony’s website, you will not see any free trial, however if you read the website’s “terms and conditions” you will realize that they offer a refund if you didn’t get a match within 3 days. This is as good as a free trial since they guarantee that 3 days is enough to find you a match.

Once you sign up, you can immediately start using the website by filling out your eHarmony personality profile. It is necessary to complete this step to help you find a perfect match. It is composed of 486 questions divided in 29 categories or 14 sections. This is really worth taking since this is very detailed information about yourself which can really make you find a match. You must be honest answering the questions so that you don’t end up with a match who’s not very compatible. The great thing about this process is that even if you’re not serious about dating, you’ll likely to find out more about yourself when it comes to love aspects.

eHarmony Free Communication Weekend:
eHarmony free communication event doesn’t come often. It’s during this event that eHarmony users can communicate with all of their matches for free. Free Communication Weekend usually start from Friday until Sunday but sometimes, eharmony sends out free communication event promotion that lasts up to 10 days. eHarmony ususally offers this type of promotion right before a major holiday. It’s recommended that you sign up with eharmony ahead of time because of their long sign-up process. This way you can take full advantage of contacting your matches entire weekend instead of trying to fill out their long questionnaires.

3 thoughts on “eHarmony Promotion – Free Communication Weekend 2014

  1. Donna

    My experience was different and it ended happily! I signed up for e-Harmony as a gift to myself during one of their 3 months for the price of 1 specials which was the selling point on this service. I really like their process better than other dating sites because I don’t have to search through the existing members. With eHarmony the matches are pre-selected for me and at least I know we have things in common with the person from the day one when we start talking. I received a handful of matches and I communicated to some degree with another handful of them, emailed with a few them and had dates with three and I actually ended up in a relationship with one of them. All I can say is that it worked for me and like almost anything in life you get what you put into it.

  2. Hedy

    Thanks for the eharmony promotion. I’m not sure if I will sign up as of yet but will keep your coupon site in mind when I get the courage to sign up with eharmony.

  3. Anonymous

    Join eHarmony today and start reviewing your compatible matches for free. Simply complete our Relationship Questionnaire and we’ll start sending you your compatible matches within the Melbourne area. You’ll also receive your free Personality Profile which will give you a fascinating insight into your own personality. You can also share it with your matches if you choose.