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Save up to 40% off hotel stays with Expedia coupon code 2013. Save more using coupons for flights, car rental coupons and redemption code when you book on Expedia. Expedia is a giant of the online travel world assisting you with booking airfares, hotels, rental cars, vacation deals and all inclusive packages. Expedia.com provides a variety of information with discounted hotels rates, cheap airfare, no hassle car rentals, 3-14 day cruises and more. You can obtain huge discounts when you combine booking a vacation package that includes flight and hotel stay. We update this page with the latest travel deals, redemption code and promotions so you can save on your next trip or family vacation.

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13 thoughts on “Expedia Coupons

  1. Steve

    So far so good with Expedia travels as I’ve booked 4 international flights and hotels in Amsterdam, London, France and Italy which all went without a hitch. Making reservations online was a bit nerve racking but it gets easier every time. I found exactly what I was looking for on cheapdanny. Have a great day.

  2. Wing

    I’ve been searching since March of this year to book a flight for my annual family get away for July and as a result of relentless searches with many travel sites, I have always gone back to Expedia which has the best all inclusive deals. One would think that planning a vacation should be as enjoyable as being on one. Expedia definitely takes the hurt out of finding a perfect deal for vacation.

  3. Ronnie

    Everyone’s always looking to save a buck when doing the travel surf dance in attempt to find the best deal online, but somehow I always manage to bounce right back to Expedia.com as they seem to always offer the best rates. At the moment, I’ve only used Expedia to book hotel reservations. I haven’t had the opportunity to book a flight+hotel+car packages, but plan to as soon as I am able to get away. In terms of booking hotel reservations, I’m extremely satisfied to date. The Expedia website blows away Travelocity, Priceline, Hotwire, and other websites. Everything is labeled exactly including detailed information about the hotel amenities, location, a map, actual prices for each night of your stay. They also tend to have much better deals and promotions than other websites.

  4. Thomas Duggan

    My partner and I were extremely impress with the vast selection and easy booking process. We have booked over ten plus times without any issues. Everything we need is online and the selections of hotels always seem to be greater than any other website.

  5. Anthony

    Booked over 10+ trips with expedia and never had any issues. Most of the time their prices seem to be cheaper and even if they are not it is only slightly more expensive, but it does work both ways. In the end I usually choose expedia as I never have any specific issues. Never had to use the customer service, so cannot comment on that aspect.

  6. Patricia Lee

    I’ve been a loyal Expedia customer for sometime and have booked numerous flights and hotels through them. I always shop around in search for that lower prices before each trip but somehow I always end up back on Expedia. They offer competitive pricing and to date, have been reliable and friendly. Overall, I’ve been very satisfied with Expedia.

  7. TomTom

    My family and I travel a lot around the United States whether visiting family or for vacation. I generally visit various travel sites to locate deals but usually end up on Expedia because they offer great prices for a flights and vacation packages for my family. Overall I think Expedia is a site you should checkout if you’re planning on traveling.

  8. SSS

    Let me tell you after having a big hassle with priceline over changing the date for my travel I have got to say that Expedia Travel is not only very accommodating but actually believes in giving 100% satisfaction to their customers. I think I will use Expedia from now on.

  9. Angel

    Expedia seems to work fine, until plans change. We recently booked a flight through Expedia and when Delta cancelled the lay over flight of our itinerary, it took Expedia took 2 months to notify us. When they did notify us seven days prior to departure, they sent my family the wrong itineraries and because of their error, it caused us stay an additional overnight in Atlanta at short notice. It’s tough when you travel with two young children and only our carry on luggage. When we insisted that Expedia at least cover our hotel expense, they did, but put us in the least expensive hotel they had available. They have poor customer service. Sorry for the long rant but it sure does feel better now.

  10. Anonymous

    We had an absolutely terrible experience with Expedia. Our hotel was not even close to the description that we read online prior to our trip. We called Expedia to assist us in locating another and they cancelled our reservation without asking first. Then transferred us to the automated machine every time we asked for a supervisor. One hour on the phone with them and they said they could do nothing to help us. They were VERY RUDE and weren’t concerned about our situation. We were unfortunately 400 miles away from home and without a hotel room and were told “there’s nothing we can do.” They had all of our money so we couldn’t go elsewhere and they couldn’t find another hotel for us. After our trip, I attempted to go online to write a review only to discover that Expedia had deleted my account. WOW, I couldn’t write about my experience. WOW Goodbye Expedia. Sorry for the long rant on your site, but I feel better.

  11. Kimberly

    Our Last minute hotel stay purchased from Expedia.com turned out fantastic. At the last moment when we were unable to locate a decently priced hotel, we decided to try Expedia for a last minute room reservation in Hawaii and priced around $200.00 a night for my room. To our surprise, the hotel accommodated my husband and I with our request for a king size bed and ocean view. AMAZING! Thank you for providing us a wonderful 10th Year Anniversary surprise.

  12. Disappointed Expedia

    I never had a problem with Expedia before, but good companies show their true self and qualities when problems occur. I booked a vacation plan to Puerto Vallarta and on the day I arrived to the hotel they informed me that my request for a suite was unavailable. I could not get hold of anyone at Expedia and had to take a room with twin beds. Seems to me that Expidia.com cares about customers until they get paid, after that you are on your own. I am disappointed.

  13. WendyWT

    I love to travel and always go to Expedia first when I am researching my travel options. Expedia is easy to navigate, visually appealing and offers great features which include pictures of the hotel and details, maps of the area, etc. I don’t always book through Expedia, but Expedia provides a wonderful starting point. My research starts on Expedia to see what hotels are available for my travel plans and then research further for the best deal. Most hotels offer a no fee cancellation policy if you cancel at least 48 hours prior to your check in date, unfortunately Expedia does not and their fees are much more and they will charge you even if you cancel the next day after booking. Overall, I like Expedia which offers the best out of all the other online travel sites like Hotels.com, Travelocity, Orbitz, Cruise.com, CheapTickets.com, Priceline, etc. Best of luck to you and your travels.