Straight Talk – Samsung Galaxy with Unlimited Plan!

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More on Straight Talk:

Straight Talk is a pay-as-you go prepaid wireless phone service that doesn’t require contract. You don’t need to go through credit checks, pay activation fees or deal with monthly bills. Straight Talk uses one of America’s best networks with fewer dropped calls and clear connections. Whether you just want to keep in touch with friends and family through talk or text, Straight Talk’s got you covered. You will need to purchase a Straight Talk phone card no matter what phone you choose so check to see if they’re offering free phone with a purchase of a Straight Talk phone card. You can get affordable phones from top quality brands such as Motorola, Samsung and LG. Download ringtones, graphics and games to your free straight talk phones. The cost of ringtones depends on the type of ringtone you get. We work hard to update this page with the most recent Straight Talk promo code. Check back often to get the latest Straight Talk promo codes for more discounts on Straight Talk phones and plans.

5 thoughts on “Straight Talk – Samsung Galaxy with Unlimited Plan!

  1. Stevens

    I purchased a Smart Talk phone package a few weeks ago to replace the old flip phone I’ve had for many many years. If you’re like me and are upgrading from a standard cell phone, I think you’ll really love Straight Talk Samsung T404G and it’s unlimited plan. The slider QWERTY and MP3 player is an added plus and I’m sure you’ll enjoy any phone you decide. I sure do. Nice and thanks a lot for the promotion. I’m a fan of

  2. Iluminada Sanpaolo

    Hello, Nice website awesome deals, keep them coming will be visiting on daily bases, once again thanks

  3. Joe

    Straight Talk offers fast data speeds if you are on the right plan and instant service with a flat fee! That is something NO other Company allowed me to do. I haven’t been able to keep in touch with my family this much since moving to the US. It may not be for every person but I am happy with what I get for my money. I love it and I will not ever get a contract phone ever again.

  4. Will

    I’ve had Straight Talk for few months now, and have the Samsung Galaxy Precedent. I love this phone Samsung Galaxy Precedent and I cant believe how fast this phone is. I’ve been using my phone as much more than a phone, It’s my MP3 player as I commute to and from work. Overall, the phone itself is a very good everyday phone. This phone is perfect for those wanting a smartphone and are on a restrictive income.

  5. Robert C

    I chose Straight Talk because the offer the lowest cost for it’s talk and text coverage. I have had a straight talk phone and service for about a year and so far, I’ve had no problems. I recently upgraded online to a Samsung Android phone and the process was super easy. The reception quality is amazing and the only difference between Straight Talk and Verizon is that the bill is half of what Verizon was. I am very happy with straight talk and would recommend their service.