Verizon Fios – $300 Prepaid/Gift Card 2015

Fios is offering $300 prepaid/gift card when you sign up for triple play in 2015. Use Double Play and Triple Play Fios promotional code and coupons to get deals on Fios TV and high speed internet offers and packages with or without term contract. Verizon has America’s largest 100% fiber optic network that provides high definition TV, high speed internet connection and digital phone service. With Fios TV, you can experience HD picture quality like no other and get access to huge library of On Demand titles available each month. When you need to download music and movies, Verizon Fios Internet delivers your chosen media at lightening speed. You can also sign up for Verizon Fios phone that delivers digital voice over fiber optic network for an amazing sound quality.

FiOS Triple Play $79.99/mo for 2yrs + $300 prepaid card w 2yr agmt-limited time!
25/25 Mbps FiOS Internet+ Select TV + Phone
$79.99/month for 2 years with 2 year agreement
*includes $300 Visa prepaid card
Activation fee waived
**Option to add FiOS TV premium packages at 50% off for 12 months

FiOS Triple Play $79.99/mo for 2yrs
FiOS 25/25 Internet, FiOS Select TV and Phone
No term agreement. No activation fee.

FiOS Quantum $59.99/mo +
HBO or SHO w/no term agreement
Free activation

FiOS Double Play starting at $64.99/month
No term contract
Free activation

Verizon FiOS TV + Internet $74.99/month
FiOS 25/25 Internet and FiOS Preferred TV
No term contract
Free activation

7 thoughts on “Verizon Fios – $300 Prepaid/Gift Card 2015

  1. Grace

    Hi, Neat post. love the colors and theme of this site. you have been bookmarked and saved.

  2. Anonymous

    I had Time Warner for many many years and they have constantly raised their rates. I am so glad that I made the switch and ordered the Triple Play Extreme HD package. Now I have fiber optic TV, phone and internet service, 1 digital DVR/cable box, 1 regular digital cable box and 2 converters with over 200 channels and I am paying approximately $45 less than I would have paid with Time Warner. Immediately I noticed the speed of internet, the picture quality on the TV and phone service are excellent! Customer service could use some improvement but really no different than Time Warner. I will never go back.

  3. Evelina Rackett

    I appreciate your coupon site because I found the Fios Promotion that I have been looking for. Thanks and have a nice day.

  4. BrnxBarbieGal

    Prior to Verizon Fios, I had Cablevision as my cable provider. I never had a problem, the bills were consistent, customer service was typical but the picture quality was choppy after a while and I would get a lot of delays when surfing the stations. When my contract was up I decided to give Verizon Fios a chance and I love Verizon Fios. They have so many channels that come with the regular package and you don’t even need HBO or any other extra stations. The picture quality is excellent and whether it rains or not, the stations never break up. No more delay when changing channels and Fios has great additional features free of charge such as Facebook, YouTube, weather and horoscopes. Verizon definitely surprised me with everything this time and I am so thankful that I switched from Cablevision because I absolutely love Fios. I would definitely recommend this to anyone looking to save money or trying to get more for their money you won’t regret it.

  5. Don

    I hate TIME WARNER! I was so happy when they introduced Verizon Fios to my neighborhood. So much has gone wrong with Time Warner ranging from their billing methods to their constant service outages when it rains and just about everything else you’d find wrong with a cable monopoly. So when FIOS TV service from Verizon became available in my area, I got really excited and called the very next day and had Verizon Fios installed. While Verizon Fios customer service isn’t perfect, the FIOS TV and internet service is amazing with crystal clear pictures and internet service that is super fast. I love you Verizon Fios and you can su*k it TIME WARNER!

  6. Michelle F

    The installation of my FIOS went pretty quickly. So far, a very clear picture and fast On-Demand services. Verizon Fios offers a lot of channels and sound quality that can’t be beat.

  7. Jack J

    I ordered the Triple Play Extreme HD package and am so glad I switched from Comcast. Customer service is also so-so and could use some improvement and not at all different from Comcast (whats up with customer service these days anyways?). anyways, I’ve had Verizon FiOS for over a year now and would definitely recommend them.