Verizon – $100 Credit to switch

Get $100 credit for switching to Verizon Wireless! Verizon Wireless is the nation’s leading provider of wireless communications and has the largest nationwide wireless voice and data network. They offer the best selection of smart phones, tablets and services on the nation’s most reliable network. Verizon delivers the industry’s best customer service online, over the phone and of course in-person.

$100 Credit to Switch to Verizon!
Get $100 credit when you bring your number to Verizon Wireless and activate a smartphone on Edge. Bill credit applied within 2-3 cycles.

$100 Off tablets!
New 2 yr activation required. Plus FREE Overnight Shipping!

$100 Giftcard for your old Smartphone
Get $100 or more VZW giftcard when you trade in your old Smartphone for a new Droid Turbo. New 2yr or Edge activation required. No activation or upgrade fees. Trade in must be in good working condition.

$50 off Select Smartphones!
Coupon Code: VZWDEAL
New 2yr activation req’d. Free Overnight Shipping!

Free Overnight Shipping
Free Overnight Shipping on all phones and accessory orders of $49+!

28 thoughts on “Verizon – $100 Credit to switch

  1. Karen

    I received this Motorola Droid Smartphone as a birthday present from my parents purchased through Verizon Wireless and I am so excited because it’s my first smartphone ever! I am amazed by the features as it was easy to set up, and the instructions are easy for first time users like me. I love the way it looks with QWERTY keypad which looks cool and chic. Applications are easy to download and easy to use them whenever I want. I am disappointed with durability of this droid as several of my Motorola Droid friends have the same problem. I mean, what would do with a phone that has an amazing applications and features but can only use for several months because it is so delicate and will break if dropped. Overall, I am ecstatic with my gift and the delivery and packaging from Verizon.

  2. HowieHow

    Prior to purchasing the Droid Razr, I had the Droid Incredible and see a difference between the two. The Droid Incredible has a slight lag to it and the Droid Razr ran smoother and faster with the same games, apps, and videos. Take your time to check out the Smart Actions features as this allows you to program your Droid Razr to automatically change settings or launch applications. so, just do it and get the Razr, I don’t think you’ll be disappointed. Great job Motorola!

  3. LuLu

    Verizon has good selection, decent prices, but no super savings deal from what I can see. I haven’t tried calling Verizon customer service yet, but maybe I’ll might give Verizon a higher rating if they offer me something better. I think the main thing here are the prices, which are decent.

  4. mariacole

    Verizon Wireless is the first company I purchased a cell phones from over the internet so I am not sure how to compare things but I’m happy with Verizon Wireless so far and will most likely keep purchasing from them. They offered Free Shipping which was a plus and my Droid Razr arrived immediately.

  5. Eric Shaw

    Love the Verizon Droid deals, keep it going. I’ll keep an eye on your coupon site as my cell phone contract is almost up and I’ll be in the market for a new Droid. ***DROOLS***

  6. Anonymous

    This Droid is great! I bought this phone new from verizon wireless and got it shipped over night for free, and i love it. It does takes a little while to actually get used to it after switching from a regular standard phone but after awhile you’ll love it too! The phone comes standard with a usb cable, ac adapter and also supports an extra memory card. This android has built in camera flash and self adjusting picture taking feature. Absolutely love it, iphone what?

  7. george

    Verizon Wireless online is very easy to do business with. I’m very impressed with how quickly my Droid was shipped out and how fast I received it. My 2 year contract was up and I needed a new phone and decided on the Droid Razr after reading all the reviews. Outstanding! Thanks. You saved me on my purchase of a new phone.

  8. Ivan

    The Droid Razr Max is a great phone all the way around. This phone can do circles around my old Droid X. All I can say is if you get a RAZR be sure to get the MAX as you will want the extra battery life. Sound quality is great, streams live tv, movies, etc. with ease. The Razr is fast and powerful. Battery life could be better! It has just about everything on it that I require. I’m one of those that do everything on my phone. Calls are very clear and it cuts out background noise. here is absolutely no lag in the start up and runs apps quickly. If you are considering this phone, go for it. You won’t be disappointed!!

  9. Tyler

    Great phone Droid Razr Maxx finally through Verizon, this is my third droid and each one keeps getting better, the battery is a huge plus on the Razr Maxx. I originally purchased the Razor as the Maxx was not available in stores and I needed a phone ASAP. Even with setting the smart actions, the batterey on the Razor still died pretty quick once things were running, a bit quicker than my Bionic. I returned it and ordered the Maxx, great decision. The smart actions feature is great too, that feature really sets this phone apart if you have certain things that can be scheduled or WiFi at your house. Great phone!

  10. Liz

    The Razr Maxx is amazing. My husband has an iPhone 4s and he is amazed at how much more this offers. Great display, super fast processor, amazing 4g, but its all about battery life. If you are like me and always on the go traveling house to house using the features of your smartphone from calendar to contacts and always having to compromise about how to use your phone so you can make it through the day. For the majority of smartphone users like me, this will be a thing of the past with the Droid Maxx. Can’t say enough about how crystal clear the screen is, how great the battery is, or how smooth the function are. I usually try to spend as little as I can if not FREE on my phones, but this is worth every penny.

  11. Ronald

    I just had an experience with the Verizon Wireless Customer service, it was quick, friendly, dealt with all my problems, and basically made me believe in customer service again. Thank you Verizon Wireless.

  12. Damon

    My first iPhone from Verizon and you know what? the iPhone 4S has exceeded and surpassed all my expectations. It’s like having a full fledged computer on the go. Why hadn’t I gotten one of these sooner? Highly recommended.

  13. Hedy

    I put off getting a smart phone as long as possible, and I’m not a huge fan of Apple products, but this iPhone 4S purchased through Verizon Wireless is easy to use, and a great tool for keeping organized. You got me Apple because Siri is a neat application, but it does take some time to use it effectively. I have to come clean and admit that this iPhone is a device with endless capabilities.

  14. Adam

    I just got my Verizon iPhone 4S almost after owning a Droid Incredible 2 which was only incredible at being terrible. After hours of searching at Verizon Wireless, I finally gave in and purchased the iPhone 4S 16GB in white. I received my iPhone in two days and activated it and set up my iTunes account and it synced all of my apps directly to the device. Siri is a lot better than the voice control function on Android. Apple Apps are awesome and there are more apps available on the App Store than Android Market/Google Play. So if you’re eligible for an upgrade, I promise you you will not be disappointed.

  15. Darcy

    Motorola Razr MaXX with Verizon Wireless service is a very well designed cell phone. Its like having a mini computer in front of you. It really comes in handy not only for talk, text and web, but also for apps like facebook, skype, music. Just go and get one already, you won’t be dissapointed.

  16. Lauren and Dylan

    My husband and I love our Droid Razr Maxx. It’s the best smartphone I have ever had and I charge my battery every other day. My husband can’t stop talking about all it’s capabilities. Can only imagine what they will come out with next that would be considered better. The Droid Razr Maxx will do for now.

  17. Daniel

    Use the iPhone 4S for everything in my daily life. love all the apps, love Siri, I’ll say it again, love Siri! The intuitiveness of the Iphone is beyond comparison with the droid. I really like the talk texting and emailing!

  18. Melinda

    After struggling with the Android Razr Maxx, I went back to Verizon Wireless and exchanged it for an iPhone 4s. As soon as I got my hands on the iphone 4s, I now understand the hype. Its easy to use and straight forward OS just makes sense. A few days of using the iphone, I feel like I am a pro and can do anything I need to do with my phone! For as many years as I have been Anti Apple, I now get it and I am thankful that such a product exists.

  19. Jan

    I have had the Verizon Droid Razr Maxx phone for a few weeks now and have fallen into a routine with this smartphone already. The battery is as great even when I use so many apps. No regrets at all as I know I made a very SMART choice!

  20. Jerome

    The Droid Razr is a good phone but battery life is a big issue with me. I have been charging it everyday. The Android market has a great variety and almost all of the best apps are free with an app for almost everything! Excellent job Verizon and Motorolla. Very good cell reception as well.

  21. Jax

    The Samsung Galaxy Nexus is an easy smart phone that lets you customize everything just the way you want! The camera has an instant shutter and battery life is fine. The main thing Ive enjoyed with the android/ samsung combo is the easy customization. Galaxy Nexus is a great phone, you’ll love it!

  22. Julie

    I love Verizon Wireless purchase of my Apple iPhone 4s in White and yes White is the best color choice! Ive had several phones in the last few years with Verizon and they were all terrible! I had no idea how nice this phone actually could be, I dont know how I lived without it!

  23. Hilda

    The Verizon iphone 4s is my first smart phone and I love it. I was so apprehensive in the past because i have seen some people struggling with their smart phones and I can not believe i waited so long to get one. The phone is lots of fun and easy to learn. JUST GET ONE!

  24. Sean

    I originally purchased the DROID RAZR, and then I heard that the DROID RAZR MAXX was being released, so I promptly arranged an exchange with Verizon Wireless which was easy. When I got my DROID RAZR MAXX, I was blown away by how amazing the battery life was, and how much better it felt in the hand compared to the original DROID RAZR. This is the best phone that Verizon Wireless offers and it will continue to be until the next generation is released.

  25. Billy

    I have had this phone for a month and absolutely love i the Droid Razr Max purchased directly fro Verizon Wireless. I was going to get an iPhone 4s but after researching over and over, I decided on the Droid Razr instead. I have been amazed by the reception, battery life, ease of use, apps, sound quality, screen, etc. I could not be happier!

  26. Edward

    Samsung Galaxy S III is one of the best phones to date and the screen is simply amazing. Just the rite size and display. The camera has awesome features which really makes you want to use it rather then a regular camera. The speed is by far faster then any other phone on the market. The body of this phone is very well designed and appealing. I LOVE this phone that I purchased through Verizon Wireless! It’s fast and easy to use, could be the iPhone killer!